March 10, 2009

Milestones In Blogging, #4344

I'm flying to L.A. today, for a few days of sun and spring break. Drinks will be drunk, girls will go wild, and sensible bedtimes will be adhered to on each and every night.

And, when I say I'm flying to L.A., I mean: I'm flying to L.A. Thanks to the beneficence of Virgin America and their inflight wifi service, this is the first post to this blog ever made at thirty thousand feet. To wit, some aviation-related facts:

•The first inflight internet service required planes to be connected to the ground via a giant modem cable. The service was interrupted whenever pilots picked up to call air traffic control.

•Perez Hilton famously took advantage of inflight internet in November last year to post a picture of Sarah Jessica Parker over which he had scrawled "OMG!!" in white capital letters. He received a Peabody award.

•Because aircraft travel at several hundred miles per hour, I can start this blog post over Pennsylvania and finish it over Kentucky. Though I guess that makes it equivalent to West Virginia, so maybe I don't want to be bragging.

•In November of last year, Patrick McGuffin became the first man to join the Mile High Club without the help of a second person — all thanks to inflight internet.

•I can see your house from here!

•Facebook is not any more relevant to real life when accessed at thirty thousand feet.

•Migrating birds use upper-atmosphere wireless signals to check on their stocks while in transit. They also post tweets. SPLABANGO!


Anonymous said...

Is SPLABANGO the sound of a bird hitting a jet engine?

Andrew said...

No, SPLABANGO is the universally acknowledged marker for a pun. I'm surprised you haven't heard of it.

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