January 28, 2009

University Diversity Adversity

Emerson College, I learned from our Vice President for Public Affairs today, is pleased to inform us of its newly adopted strategic plan for diversity. Quoth the all-singing, all-dancing white paper released to coincide with the new policy:
While we have made some progress in attaining our diversity goals, we are not as a community satisfied with the rate or scale of change. It is clear to all of us that much more work needs to be done.
Well, gosh, chaps, I'm no expert, but I think part of your problem might be this:

Yes, that's right: according to the Emerson College "Strategic Plan for Racial and Ethnic Diversity", you can either be white, foreign, or other. Backslapping all round on that one, I imagine.

To be absolutely fair, there are some other charts scattered around the document that actually break down enrolment in a slightly less absurd way — but the fact that indiscriminately shooting for "multicultural" students is part of the plan at all is pretty horrific.

Now, you might think that, as a student and part-time instructor at Emerson College, I should lay off the public trashing of my school's diversity policy. I say, on the contrary, that as a member of the vanishingly small "International" segment of the student and faculty body, I'm perfectly within my rights to express a little outrage.

On the other hand, if this white paper is anything to go by, Emerson College is the one place that might actually be enough of a self-parody to expel an international student for disagreeing with the diversity policy. So perhaps I should keep my big mouth shut.


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