January 26, 2009

Bit Sand Bobs

Item: Papa pundigrion informs me that if you misspell the word pundigrion in Google these days, you're sternly corrected and automatically directed here. What celebrity!

Item: Reiner Sprengelmeyer (presumably not a native) of St Andrew's University, reveals his acute empiricist insight while discussing a recent study of cuteness in babies: "When my daughter was born, I saw that women react totally differently to babies than men . . . Women are much more keen to look at young babies than men." Stop the presses!

Item: I am actually eating tea and crumpets at the moment.

Item: Names are funny. Recently sworn-in Portland Mayor Sam Adams has come under fire for lying about a relationship he had with an 18-year-old, but his isn't the funny name. The teenager is described as a "legislative intern" by the AP, but a career in porn surely awaits him, since he goes by Beau Breedlove. You should have known that one would get you in trouble, Mr Adams . . .

Item: Silvio Berlusconi is, as usual, awesome. "You can't consider deploying a [military] force that would be sufficient to prevent the risk [of rape]," he told Italians. "We would have to have so many soldiers because our women are so beautiful." In the ensuing furore, he reminded people that all of his comments should be taken with "levity and good humour" — presumably because you might otherwise slit your own wrists in despair that a man like him can be in charge of a country.

Item: I must stop procrastinating!

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