December 20, 2008

For The Record

Dedicated readers will know that I have a long-standing annual tradition of whining on my blog about how crappy my birthday has been. For instance, in December 20, 2005:
Fuck it all to hell, it's my birthday, and it's been pretty shitty so far, and I will bitch and moan if I damn well want.
Then, December 2006, I didn't even have a birthday, really, because I was in transit to Australia – so I left London on December 19 and arrived in Sydney on December 21. And last year:
As usual I spent almost the entire day in transit — left the house in Boston at 5am, arrived at destination in London at 10:30pm. I then proceeded more or less immediately to the pub to ensure that at least one birthday drink (other than the cup of British Airways coffee) would be forthcoming. Now, twelve hours later, I'm back at Heathrow to fly to Edinburgh.
This year, though, I am happy to say that I have had one of the most enjoyable birthdays in recent memory. Dinner and drinks with friends last night, and today a combination of coffeecake, lounging around, shopping, and well-wishes. Huzzah!

Be sure to tune in next December 20 for a rousing return to "I Hate My Life And Everything In It."


Anonymous said...

:-) Yay for birthdays!

Andrew said...

Mal leaves a comment within 30 seconds of my posting something, again.

Kirjasvig said...

I absolutely hate my birthdays and try to avoid all this embarrassing oh-it's-your-birthday-wow-happy-birthday-thank-you-very-much-hugs-and-kisses stuff. And every year I have the worst luck on that day.

This year I was at work (which was about 20-hour non-stop theater festival in the middle of nowhere) and my friends still managed to bring me a bottle of champagne. To get rid of it, I did my best to share with colleagues.
It ended with someone making a "comment" to my boss about "her girls drinking on duty".
Also - my bike got stolen just the day before and my current "love interest" told me he's going away for a year and probably moving to Mongolia after that and we'll never meet again.

Next year I'm doing my best to get out of the country. Seriously.

Although you gave me hope that my luck might also change one day. Thanks!

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