November 20, 2008


From BBC NEWS | Scotland and Times Online: Beavers arrive for spring release

Please now enjoy a series of amusing double entendres:
Iain Valentine, from the Royal Zoological Society, said the captures had been a "complicated process". . . .

"[One] complication was that beavers are primarily active at night."
Simon Jones, from the Scottish Beaver Trial, said: . . . "Beavers hold the potential to create new wetland habitats which in turn increases the appeal to other native species."
[He continued:]"We are excited to get the trial underway and really see what benefits beavers can bring to Scotland."
Simon Jones, the project manager of the Scottish Beaver Trial, said that evidence from mainland Europe showed that the animals had not damaged farming, forestry or fishing interests. “If you held a straw poll of European farmers they would look at you in bemusement if you held up beavers as some kind of economic threat,” he said.
The young salmon are not at risk from the beavers, which are herbivores, but once they were trapped in the shallows, they could fall prey to sawbilled birds such as mergansers cormorants . . . .
. . . and? . . .
. . . and shags

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Patrick said...

Having gone to Oregon State and still following their sports and whatnot, I get to read stories like this all the time! From a recent story about the OSU football team: "The Beavers aren't flashy. They're not going to overpower teams. They're not going to out-finesse teams either. But they're going play hard, they're going to play as a unit, and they're not going to beat themselves." Then it gets even better every time the Oregon State Beavers play the USC Trojans.

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