November 16, 2008

Okay, Okay, Okay!

From AOL News: Teen Wins Lawsuit Against KKK Members
[Plaintiff Jordan] Gruver, backed by the Southern Poverty Law Center, filed the personal injury lawsuit last year seeking up to $6 million in damages from the Imperial Klans of America and two of its leaders — Edwards and "Grant Titan" Jarred R. Hensley. . . .

The suit alleged that Edwards, Hensley, and the Imperial Klans of America as a whole incited its members to use violence against minorities.
Gruver also filed a related suit against bears, alleging that they shit in the woods.

Now, let me be clear, I fully support any and all attempts to put an end to the Klan in all its forms — I'm just a little flabbergasted by the content of this lawsuit:
[Gruver] was severely beaten by members of a Ku Klux Klan group because they mistakenly thought he was an illegal Latino immigrant . . .

The jury found that the Imperial Klans of America and its founder wrongfully targeted 16-year-old [Gruver], an American citizen of Panamanian and Native-American descent.
So what the complaint boils down to is not that the Klan targets minorities, but that they mistakenly targeted Gruver? WTF?!
According to testimony, three members of the Klan group confronted Gruver in July 2006 during a recruiting mission at the Meade County Fair in Brandenberg, Kentucky. They taunted him with ethnic slurs — inaccurate ones — spat on him and doused him with alcohol.
Whoa, whoa, whoa: inaccurate slurs?! You have gone too far this time, white supremacists!

The sad thing is, even though several of Gruver's assailants have also been through criminal proceedings, they weren't charged with hate crimes. Because they were hating on him inaccurately, I guess.

Okay, AOL News, round things off with something hilarious:
At an earlier court deposition, Edwards demonstrated his contempt for [the lawsuit] by tattooing a profane reference to it on his freshly shaved head.

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