October 29, 2008

He Can't Abiden it

I think this is the single most amazing thing I have seen this whole damn campaign.

Best question: "How is Obama not being a Marxist?"

I would write more, but my girlfriend is sitting here on the couch watching me type this and it's a little awkward. Though she did come up with the pun in the title. (That's all you have to do, ladies.)


Patrick said...

I'm still waiting for it. And yes, it is just too perfect.

Also, the word verification word that allows me to leave my comment is "pundit."

Anonymous said...

I think he's just shying away from answering some really intelligent questions here. I mean, the woman used to be Peter Jennings' *assistant* for Christ's sake! How in the world could she be out of line? Honestly, these questions should have been asked a long time ago.

In fact, I'd like to pose a question of my own:
Mr. Biden, you may recognize the quote, "I'll never let go." Do you feel like your campaign is kind of like the Titanic, and ACORN is your iceberg?

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