September 24, 2008

What Doesn't Kilt You Makes You Stronger

From BBC NEWS | Scotland: Bid to keep kilt-making in check
Some of the country's leading kilt-makers are meeting in Perth to determine exactly what is, and what is not, a Scottish kilt. . . .

They want to create a blueprint for the traditional kilt-making industry. . . .

Kilt-maker Ruthven Milne said: "A kilt is a traditional garment, not a fashion garment."
Boy, I'll say.
"There is a certain length it should be. It must be about an inch and a half from the floor when you are kneeling and it is pleated to the pattern that is in the kilt itself."
But if your kiltmaker asks you to kneel in front of him, ask him to buy you dinner first.

According to a representative for Skillfast-UK, the kilt sector contributes about £350m per year to the Scottish economy — or about one-and-a-half days worth of Iraq. So clearly, all we need to do to offset the cost of the war is really step up global kilt production. Who wants to kneel down first?

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