September 18, 2008

Outlet Shopping

Gosh. I think eight days must be a record-length hiatus in the history of my blog(s). And do you know what? I think it's affecting me; I've been feeling really out of sorts the last day or two, for no particular reason.

[Edit: Actually, if you discount CWG, there was an 11-day gap between posts in February 2006. I felt pretty out of sorts then, too, but I think that was mostly down to having had my ass recently dumped.]

Now, the empiricist in me sagely clucks that the connection is probably spurious — that the same hectic schedule that's been robbing me of blog time is also what's responsible for dampening my mood — but the writer in me, well... He's kind of a romantic. And he thinks that I've grown so used to my creative outlet over the last five (!!!) years, going without it, suddenly, has left me dysthymic. (Then again, why listen to that hack? He's not even really using the word dysthymic correctly.)

Anyway, speaking of hectic schedules: this semester I am teaching three days a week, working at Ploughshares the other two days a week, and taking two classes on top of that (one of which is run by a frankly hilarious man who thinks that two books a week is a manageable workload). Plus occasionally attempting to have a life outside Emerson. Occasionally.

But I do seem to be falling into a routine, finally, so with any luck I will be back to angrily ranting about the world on my blog (rather than to unsuspecting members of the public) within the next couple of days. And CWG, of course, is back tomorrow.

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