August 28, 2008

Aye For An Eye

From The Scotsman: Young Scots risk losing their sight in bid to get blind drunk

Just when you thought our national drinking habits couldn't get any more embarrassing...
Experts are warning about a new trend among young people that is aimed at speeding up the process of getting drunk – pouring shots of alcohol directly into their eyes.

Known as "one-in-the-eye", it involves using shot glasses in a manner similar to that of eye-wash.

Despite the risk of blindness, users hope that by absorbing the alcohol via the membranes of the eye, it will enter the bloodstream more quickly and have a stronger effect when it reaches the brain.
Presuming there is a brain there to begin with, of course.

Now, having just reached the end of the Fringe, I'm not exactly one to be talking about responsible drinking habits, but pouring vodka into your eye? Why not just smoke a cigar with your anus? At least you might get a few weeks of YouTube celebrity out of that.


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