July 31, 2008

Family Fun

So, today is the Underbelly's opening day. Our press launch went off well last night, including, most notably, a brief excerpt from the "Jim Rose Circus" during which a woman painted a portrait using her rectum and then signed it with a Sharpie gripped in her vagina. Lovely.

This is actually pretty out there, even by Fringe theatre standards, but every year there are a number of shows who do share something in common with Jim Rose Circus: their alarmingly misleading name. I often wonder if Fringe artists are in secret competition with each other to try and make box office staff's lives as unpleasant as possible, by giving their decidedly unsuitable-for-children shows titles that sound like a good-natured family romp:

FATHER: Oh, look honey! A circus! Let's take the kids!
MOTHER: What a splendid idea! I'll buy some tickets right now without reading the blurb!
FATHER: Pass me that Sharpie, will you?

The other show we have this year that treads the line is "Little Red (A Fairy Tale)". A fairy tale! Wonderful, right? Except that actually the show is an adult exploration of loss and family life that will terrify and upset children to their very core (although, to their credit, the company do describe the show as not suitable for children).

In other news, Winnie the Pooh has died.


Anonymous said...

He didn't just die. They shot him!

Heinz Healey said...

Sad End for Bear with Jar on Head

This gets my vote for 2nd best headline from BBC. Right after Great Tits Cope Well with Warming.

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