June 10, 2008

What's D Problem?

From Parent Dish (via Netscape): Parents of girl brought up on vegan diet may face charges
Parents of a 12-year-old Scottish girl may face charges after the child was brought to the hospital with a degenerative bone disease. Doctors say that she has the spine of an 80-year-old, caused by a severe case of rickets, which occurs when a person does not get enough vitamin D. . .

Though doctors are not yet commenting on the case, some feel that her condition was caused by the strict vegan diet she was raised on since birth. Vegan diets don't allow meat, fish, or dairy, which are good sources of vitamin D (as is the sun).
Surely we should also blame the parents for bring up their child in Scotland, then.

Also, "the spine of an 80-year-old"? What kind of diagnosis is that?

DOCTOR: Mr Jones, I have some bad news.
MR JONES: What is it?
DOCTOR: You have the feet of a 45-year-old.
MR JONES: *gasp!*
DOCTOR: And and I'm not too happy about your eyes of a 12-year-old, either.
MR JONES: But he wasn't even using them!


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Heinz Healey said...

You can use it as a pick up line, too.

MR JONES: You have the hips of a 35-year-old softball coach--fast pitch.

Well, I guess it all depends on who you're trying to pick up.

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