May 15, 2008

Sure, Baby, Whatever You Want

From BBC NEWS | Americas: Obama sorry for 'sweetie' comment

You really do have to visit the BBC page for this story and listen to the audio from Obama's voicemail apology. It honestly sounds like what I imagine an SNL (or maybe Family Guy) sketch about Obama leaving a voicemail apology would sound like; right down to the ponderous pauses, exaggerated verbal tics, and fuzzy logic. It's rather hilarious.

Also, not that I — ahem — like to blow relatively insignificant Obama gaffes out of proportion, but is anyone else just a little irritated by the content of his apology? "It's a bad habit"? That's the best you can do? It's tantamount to saying: "I'm sorry I did kind of a douchebaggy thing, Peggy, but the thing is, I'm kind of a douchebag."

And yet, because Soundbite McGraw says it in that booming voice of his, suddenly all is forgiven? Doesn't anyone else wonder about the underlying implications of a presidential candidate who habitually dismisses women with a blithe "sweetie", and then "fixes" things by a thirty second phone message? Do we really want Joey Tribbiani in the White House?

Oh, sure, at least he apologised, but only after the fact, and I think habits (even admittedly bad ones) say more about a person than what that person does when he realises that he just potentially alienated the one voting bloc that is still most loyal to his opponent.

So, in conclusion: I am still skeptical about Obama, no matter what John Edwards says.


Gil said...

I don't know, Andrew. This seems like an unnecessarily low blow, even for your standards. You are attacking a man for making a mistake and then apologizing. That seems pretty undue.

You say "he apologised, but only after the fact", as if one can apologize any other time. "I apologise for what I'm about to do: Gimme a minute, sugarcheeks" sounds in fact a lot worse to me.

A politician making a small mistake and taking the time to leave a personal message for that person apologizing seems pretty alright to me.

Also, you are racist.

Andrew said...

Sorry, Gil. It's a bad habit of mine.

Anonymous said...

See, now if you had apologized to Gil before you wrote the post, this entire thing could have been avoided.

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