April 23, 2008


From BBC NEWS | Politics: Portrait of Blair as PM unveiled
A portrait of Tony Blair, painted in his final few months as prime minister, has been unveiled in Westminster.

Mr Blair sat for artist Phil Hale in the PM's official country residence at Chequers for the portrait, which will be hung in Portcullis House. . . .

[T]he artist said Mr Blair had been "tired and distracted" but said of the painting: "It humanises him - I don't think it is unsympathetic."
So, here's the portrait:

The exhaustion and distraction are certainly prominent; it's a pretty moving painting, I think. Full of visceral, emotional power. But what I find most fascinating about it is that with a few tweaks in Photoshop . . .

It's a MySpace profile picture! So is this what the former prime minister is doing with his time, these days? Trying to relaunch his band?

Oh, Tony. We miss you.

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