April 01, 2008

Road Trip II: Son of Road Trip, or,
"Pray For Air Conditioning"

Following the spectacular success of my road trip down the west coast two years ago (see here, here, and here if you need your memory refreshed), I have planned a sequel for this May. Here's my tentative route:

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Basically, the plan is to fly to LA and spend a few days with my friend Michelle, then hop a rental car and drive to Denver/the Rockies and spend a few days with my uncle and aunt there. On the way I'll hit up Sequoia National Park, Death Valley, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, and Santa Fe — and I will have a rocking good time.

If anyone has suggestions (heck, if anyone wants to come with me), feel free to leave comments. I'm looking at you, Dustin.


Anonymous said...

Move it back to August and you can hit up burning man. I'll be there.

Anonymous said...

Just to drop a little Nevada knowledge: burning man would be a little off-course. Like, 10 hours off-course. Each way. Nevada's a rather large state :-)

Andrew said...

Also, in August I will be locked in an underground vault in Edinburgh. :-(

Anonymous said...

Either you really want to see the Grand Canyon, or you really hate Flagstaff.

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