April 08, 2008


The AP helpfully provides some quotes from this year's Pulitzer winners. See if you can guess which one is from the poet.

Is it A:
"I am beside myself with joy."
Or B:
"It's very gratifying."
Or C:
"It's exciting for me."
Or, perhaps, D:
"Everyone is expert on one subject and failure seems to be mine. I was born into it. My father went bankrupt when I was eighteen and he died soon afterward out of [a] terrible sense of shame. And we lost everything, my mother and I."
Yup, it was the last one, Pulitzer-winning poet Philip Schultz, speaking just hours after the announcement was made.

The AP also released this photo of Schultz, who won the prize for his book Failure:

I tell you, it is the sign of a truly great poet that he can win the Pulitzer and still be totally angst-ridden.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, the quote says "Everyone is expert on one subject and failure seems to be mine...I was born into it."

See that ellipses? That's probably where he said something like, "I have never been so happy in my life and I feel so grateful because..." Always pigeon-hole the poets.

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