April 24, 2008

Does This Count As Kafkaesque?

I went to the men's room in Emerson's Writing, Literature, and Publishing department, today. On the floor was a dead roach — and I mean, a freakin' roach. The thing was over an inch long. The sort of bug you wouldn't want to find crawling around your kitchen. The stuff of phobias.

And had anyone cleaned it up?

No. But someone had printed out (yes, printed out, not even written by hand) a sign that read "RIP Gregor Samsa", and taped it to the wall nearby.

Ah, writers.


Claire said...

that is so fantastic it makes up for the roach being there in the first place

kimlet said...

So hilarious! I swear to you it was Bill Knott.

(Kafkaesque would be if the roach himself had said that to you. But I'm just one opinion)

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