March 25, 2008

About as Politically Incorrect as I've Been In a While

From Newsvine: NY Gov. Paterson Says He Used Cocaine
New York's new governor … said Monday that he used cocaine in his 20s and smoked marijuana when he was younger.…

"Marijuana [I tried] probably when I was about 20," he said on the NY1 cable news station. "I don't think I touched marijuana since the '70s."
He continued: "But it's hard to be sure, because, you know, I CAN'T FUCKING SEE! You insensitive media pricks!"
In Monday's interview, Paterson pointed out that he had acknowledged to a television journalist in 2006 that he had used illegal drugs.

The NY1 interviewer, Dominic Carter, noted that few people paid attention to Paterson's revelation then because he was running for lieutenant governor.
Yeah, take that, Paterson! Our ignorance is really your fault for not setting your goals high enough! It's like the way we all knew Cheney was evil incarnate before 2000, but we didn't really pay attention because he was only running for vice president.

It's kind of hard to believe that American journalists used to be capable of taking out a presidency.

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