February 28, 2008

Flavour Faves

From Washington Bureau: Ben & Jerry Back Barack
Barack Obama picked up a tasty endorsement Monday when Ben & Jerry's Ice cream founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield announced they are backing Obama for the Democratic presidential nomination.
Their support includes the release of a number of new, limited edition Ben & Jerry's flavours, among them:
Yes, We Candy
Strawbarack Shortcake
The En-Glace-ity of Hope
And, of course:
Chocolate Chocolate Whip
Ben & Jerry's endorsement is not always a blessing, however. In the last general election their "Kerry Jubilee" flavour irreparably damaged the Massachusetts senator's campaign; and in the 2000 campaign season their "Al S'Mores" flavour had a similar effect. (As a historical note, the ice cream moguls also weighed in during the 1988 campaign season with a limited run of "Michael Cookakis and Cream" — but their operation at the time was small enough that it didn't have a significant effect on the election's outcome. He just sucked at campaigning.)

I think that is enough puns for an entire month.


Anonymous said...

Somewhere Katie is crying.

Anonymous said...

Mirz saw that
Slate likes
"Yes, Pecan!"

Anonymous said...

I can't tell if this is a joke or not... It seems absurd, but western politics are just THAT ridiculous that it could be true.

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