December 29, 2007

You Don't Know How to Jack

From The Daily Record: Scotch Pie Threatened By Lack Of Bakers
The Scotch pie... bridies, butteries and plain loaves [could be] threatened by a government block on food industry training grants.

Labour finance spokesman Iain Gray said: "Traditional Scottish baking icons like the pan loaf, the plain loaf, the buttery, the bridie and Scotch pie could be threatened as the skills to bake them are not passed on."

The Scottish Association of Master Bakers is fighting to overturn the decision.
Wait, the Scottish Association of what?
Master Bakers
Gray said: "For Scotland to perform in a competitive marketplace... it is essential that we produce the next wave of master bakers."
Well said, sir. We need to make it clear to the younger generations how important master baking is; if we don't take a hands-on approach, our children might never become master bakers. They'll be ignorant of even the most basic steps in master baking: raising their loaves, how to handle a rolling pin, and, of course, proper beating technique.

In any case, this is a dangerous precedent; if we don't take a stand on food training grants now, countless other vital programs might get stiffed. Dairy workers could end up unable to produce cream. Butchers will be incapable of tenderising their meat. Farmers won't know how to choke their chickens! Who knows what might be coming? Or not?

Sometimes they just hand you this stuff on a platter, you know?

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Master baking is the great leveller.

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