December 31, 2007

Too Fool For School

From The Scotsman: Teachers' compensation payouts hit £180,000
THE catalogue of injuries suffered by teachers in Scottish schools was revealed today, with compensation totalling more than £180,000 paid out to staff this year...

Among [the successful claims] was £1,750 for a teacher who sustained serious damage after a kick to the groin, and another who received £2,300 after a punch in the face caused a fractured cheekbone and broken nose...

Ronnie Smith, the general secretary of the EIS, Scotland's largest teaching union, described the amount paid out as "extremely worrying".
Really? That's what you find worrying? Personally I was a little more concerned by the fact that teachers apparently can't go to work without having to worry about being kicked in the groin.
Meanwhile, falls were revealed to have generated the most payments for teachers. A teacher was awarded £20,000 after a slip in a corridor... and another received £1,500 after a back injury caused by the collapse of a piano chair.

One teacher received £8,500 after slipping on a wet floor, and another was given £5,000 when a trip over a schoolbag caused facial injuries and a detached retina.
Good Lord! Where do these people teach?! The McCallister house?

Maybe I'll reconsider my goal of becoming a teacher. I'm quite fond of my retina/cheekbones/groin.

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