December 24, 2007

Hotscot's Directorial Debut

If you didn't know (and I'm not sure why anyone living outside Britain would), one of the longstanding Christmas traditions in this country is that the reigning monarch delivers a Christmas message to the masses every Christmas day (we make 'em work for our tax money!). George VI used to have his broadcast over the radio, but, by the time the Queen was in charge, enough people had TV that she pretty much immediately switched mediums to make herself seem like less "distant" a figure.

Anyway, now the royal family have launched their own YouTube channel so that, once again, the Christmas message will reach the public on the most modern of available mediums — this year's broadcast will be uploaded to YouTube at around the same time it appears on the Beeb. For nostalgia's sake, the original televised message from 1957 ("Heppy Christmas") is also available to watch.

The Royal Channel also includes a couple of silent news reels from the very early days of film, including this one of Queen Alexandra visiting London's West End. I thought it was a little too silent, so I took the liberty of adding in a soundtrack, in my very first YouTube video:

Incidentally, this was also my very first experience with the new iMovie included in iLife '08, and it is awful. They have managed to thoroughly ruin the UI and make it about the most unintuitive thing I have ever seen Apple's name on (indeed, the "UI" may as well stand for unintuitive). I actually had to watch a bunch of the web tutorials to even figure out how to do the relatively simple things I was trying to do. The sort of advanced editing you used to be able to do on iMovie would be virtually impossible now, which I suppose is because they want you to buy Final Cut Pro — just like the way they've disabled Mail on the iPod Touch because they want you to buy an iPhone. Frankly, this sort of money-hungry douchebaggery is getting a little too habitual for Apple. Is it really not possible to run a successful business without being evil? Sigh.

On that note: Merry Christmas!

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Anonymous said...

I've only briefly used the previous incarnation of iMovie and hardly much more with the new one but I don't find it that bad. I feel like navigating the film is made easier and if I was editing together mutliple cuts, I'd also be happier with the new layout since they're all presented in a frame.

In any case, I don't plan on doing much more than simple snipping, splicing and adding music so I find the new version perfectly serviceable. Granted, this might be because I'm unaware of the abilities of the older versions but colour me satisfied with the revamp.

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