December 11, 2007

The Crying of Lot 11

From Newsvine: Terror Hits on the 11th

This news story lists seven terrorist attacks from the past six years that have occurred on the 11th of whatever month it was at the time.

Well, really, it only lists six, because one of them occurred on November 9, 2005 (which the AP sagely notes would read "9/11" if you used the "day-first, month-second system").

But what does it all MEAN?! That we should lock ourselves in underground bunkers on 11/11/11? That a certain chain of American convenience stores is a spawning ground for political extremists? That next year's upcoming Star Trek flick will be an act of terrorism? That it was a really slow news day at the AP?

Sorry for relative silence lately: as soon as I have my last final project out the door, I will once more be happily and excessively blogging away.

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