November 18, 2007

Boston Charm

Saturday I was catching the T home around 7 or 8pm. When my train finally pulled in, it was absolutely packed, in a London/Tokyo people-needing-to-be-pushed-on-board sort of way, but I managed to squeeze myself in. As it rolled away from the station, the driver came over the intercom to make an announcement.

T drivers have long made entertaining use of the intercom on Green Line trains. A few weeks ago I had a driver who tried to imitate the pre-recorded robotic voice between stops. When I lived here in 2002 there was a guy who worked the C-line who regularly cracked jokes to his passengers. On Saturday, my driver had this to say:

"Folks, if you're just joining us, here's the deal. There's a young lady on board named Christina, who's just told me it's her birthday, and I think we should all sing happy birthday to her. Are you with me?"

To my surprise, the crowd gave a pretty enthusiastic cheer (this would never have happened on the Tube, and not just because it's impossible to understand what Tube drivers are saying over the intercom).

"Okay, then!" bellowed the driver. "On three!"

And so it was that a sardine tin of an E-train jauntily belted out Happy Birthday as it swept through the darkness underneath the Common.


The next morning, I caught the E-train back downtown. A group of still-drunk (I hope) Northeastern boys were at the front of the car and, suddenly, recognised a friend of theirs on the street outside the train. Naturally, they did what anyone would do in such a situation: they all mooned him.

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Anonymous said...

excellent I think I may try and initiate random songs from musicals on the bus ride home today, it might drown out some of the terrible R+B that seems to blare out of every teenagers phone. On the other hand I dont really fancy a bottle of Buckfast in my face.

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