October 28, 2007


[Edit: My dad wanted a print resolution version of this, and since the original file was just too low-quality I had to remake it from scratch. I took the opportunity to add in a little extra pun that really should have been there to begin with.

Also, if the comments on this post are anything to go by, the ladies really are forming a line! Sweet!]

In my literature class last night we were discussing Sartre. I was having a little trouble staying focused (shocking, I know), and, I'll be honest, I think pretty much the only thing I got out of the whole class was a stupid doodle that provided the inspiration for this:

Form a line, ladies.


Anonymous said...

This still makes me want to make out with you.

Anonymous said...

You should leave your biodata on Shadi.com.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's pretty sexy.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, not a lady for the queue (surely long), just Manuel :-)
GREAT JOKE, it makes me laugh every time (gj or age? hm).
If too many ladies in queue I could take some out myself ;-)

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