October 04, 2007


I don't know how on earth I managed to remain oblivious to the existence of Lolcats until last week, but now that I've discovered them, I have to say: they are a beautifully pure comic form. (i.e. They are freakin' hilarious.)

I will now jump on the bandwagon by using the medium to comment on current American politics.

Ah, the internet.


Inchworm said...

OMG Hilarious!!!! Facebook's gift to Plethoric Pundigrions....

Anonymous said...

1) You didn't hear about lolcats until NOW?! And you call yourself a BLOGGER? Much less a web-comic-artist?!

2) Did you actually do those? Because they're really funny.

3) Are you coming to my show? Please say yes :) I will pay you back for the ride to Montreal...*sing-song voice*

Andrew said...

1) I know, I know.

2) Of COURSE I did these. I don't post funny internet things that other people have done on my blog. What do you think this is, Sillytech?

3) Sorry, no, I'll be at my uncle's cabin in Southern Ontario. I'll come next month, promise!

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