October 14, 2007

Blind Leading the Blind

From BBC NEWS | Politics: Cameron sees how US tackles gangs
David Cameron has been examining how Los Angeles deals with the problem of street gangs…

Mr Cameron said the city was trying to deal with similar issues as those faced in the UK.
Yes, I hear the drive-by croquet matches are getting pretty nasty in Windy Bottomsford these days.
Los Angeles has had a major problem with gangs for decades and is one of the crime capitals of the world…

Today, dozens of gangs operate with hundreds of members and police say more then half of all murders in the city are gang-related.

Last year, gang violence rose by 14%.

Mr Cameron said the UK could learn from the authorities in Los Angeles.
I'm sorry, learn what, exactly? How to repeatedly kick itself in the crotch?
CAMERON: Say, we don't have a serious gang problem in the UK. Why don't we make things more like Los freakin' Angeles?

TORY BACKBENCHERS: [general murmurs of assent]

CAMERON: And another thing! I'm going to go to Burma to learn about representational democracy!

LABOUR BACKBENCHERS: [general cries of protest]
Mr Cameron also met with his populist conservative role model, the Terminator.
Mr Cameron said he hoped to emulate the governor.

"My wife said to me: 'How are you going to explain to an American audience what sort of Conservative you are?' I said 'I'll say look at me and think of Arnold Schwarzenegger'."
Cameron added: "And think of William Hague as my non-identical twin brother, Danny DeVito."

Too obscure?

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Ken said...

Hey, my dad was watching that movie when i was home over thanksgiving. He didn't know what it was, and when i told him, he changed the channel.

This just proves it, existence is futile.

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