September 25, 2007

Just What The World Needs...

From Newsvine: State Department Starts 'Dipnote' Blog

A "dipnote", the blog sagely explains, is hip diplomat jargon for a "diplomatic note" – a formal communication between diplomats. It is certainly not an ill-conceived and easily-ridiculed name for a website showcasing the voice of US diplomacy, thanks to its (peculiarly apt) similarity to another word meaning "inept bonehead".

The blog is the brainchild of State Department employee Sean McCormack, "who came up with the idea for a blog during a recent trip to California's Silicon Valley with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice." I'm glad they weren't visiting New Jersey.

RICE: Yes, Sean?

MCCORMACK: Being here, with you, in Hoboken... It makes me think...

RICE: Yes, Sean?

MCCORMACK: We should punch everyone in the world in the face.
I await the transferral of all diplomatic functions to Web 2.0. I'm pretty sure we could put the whole Middle East conflict thing to bed with a good Wall-to-Wall.

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