August 06, 2007

Time For Some Puns

From BBC NEWS | Education: History A-level 'could disappear'
The future of history as an A-level is being threatened with replacement by "soft subjects" like media studies, the head of an examiners' body has said…

Her comments reflect earlier warnings from the Historical Association.

Chair of the association's secondary committee Heather Scott said: …

"In effect, time for history is reduced by a third."
Yeah, but come on, if you believe in the Big Bang theory of the universe, that still leaves, like, 10 billion years to work with.
A DCSF spokesman said it was important that pupils had a good overview of history.

"We don't agree that history A-level may 'become a thing of the past'."
Well, obviously. It already is a thing of the past, innit?

Words are fun.

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