July 15, 2007

Week At The Knees

I'm now into the home stretch of my year in London – a week tomorrow I'm leaving for Edinburgh, the Fringe and, anon, Boston.

Dan is moving his stuff out today, though, as he'll be in St Andrews next weekend for his sister's birthday. And since almost all of the stuff in our flat was his to begin with or is staying with him, I will effectively be camping for the next week. Consider, the few (highly practical) items I own:

• Blender
• TV
• Scrabble set
• Giant Union Jack flag
• Nintendo 64
• iMac

Thankfully it's a part-furnished apartment so I will still have couches and a bed, plus Dan is kindly leaving me behind a few dishes and some cutlery – so I will at least be able to sleep and eat in a relatively civilised manner. On the other hand, he is taking my desk, so for the next seven days all blogging will have to be done crouched on my bedroom floor.

See? Just like camping.

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Anonymous said...

hehe...oh andrew.... "just like camping"...

p.s.csorry, that is all my tired brain can think of right now in response to your post.

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