July 02, 2007

Time To Facebook The Music

As many of you have probably discovered by now, I have given in and joined Facebook – despite this, this, and even this.

The sudden change in heart was due largely to the fact that a bunch of my future Emerson classmates were threatening to exchange Facebook pleasantries and I didn't want to have missed out on valuable in-jokes come September, though a strategically created impostor Andrew Ladd also pushed me over the edge. However, despite feelings of shame and self-betrayal, the whole sordid affair justified itself to me yesterday.

I was at the pub after improv, having a conversation that normally would have gone like this:
Her: Are you on Facebook?

Me: No.

Her: Oh. Why not?

Me: Well… [Lengthy and well-worn diatribe on what I see as the evils of Facebook]

Her: Yeah, but couldn't you just join and then not pay much attention to it?

Me: Well… [Slightly shorter but still impeccably reasoned case as to why this would be a bad idea.]

Her: I guess, but it just seems like it would make it easier for people to stay in touch with you, and what's bad about that?

Me: Hey, Mr Blogger, can we get an 'Etc.' in here yet, or what? Haven't you ever heard of concision?

Her: Who are you talking to?
Instead, my conversation at the pub yesterday went like this:
Her: Are you on Facebook?

Me: Yes.

Her: Cool. So, how'd you first get into improv?
It was such a short and painless exchange, it actually felt physically refreshing.

So, uh, I guess what I'm trying to say is… Maybe I shouldn't have been such a stubborn douche about it for so long.


Anonymous said...

So is Facebook all you thought you never wanted?

Inchworm said...

Hee hee! Good for you. Facebook rules. It's just nicer to have contact with all your friends without all that EMAIL drama! lol.
Keep it up man, I'm enjoying this.

Andrew said...

Meh. It's about what I expected. On the plus side, it's not blocked at work which means I can basically do personal email there again; and a few people with whom I've haven't spoken in years have already got back in touch with, which is nice. But mostly it's just been another way to talk to people that I already talk to pretty regularly anyway.

On the other hand, I have already had people add me as a "friend' who, despite being lovely people, I really wouldn't consider a friend in any ordinary sense of the word. It's one of the reasons I resisted so long because it kind of bothers me that it's so easy to trivialise friendship. I'd much rather exchange phonecalls with ten people than occasional wall messages with fifty.

Still, I haven't grown scales or a third nipple or anything, so I guess it's not that bad.

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