July 25, 2007

Pieces and Uncles

As is my custom during my annual employment at the Underbelly, a quick rundown of what's been happening this week.


I read Harry Potter. The ending was so cloying I wanted to vomit. It's hard to believe that the same author who, only two chapters earlier, had my heart in my throat and tears welling, could write something so irritatingly saccharine. Four out of five pundigrions.


I saw Harry Potter. Better than the corresponding book and with an excellently cast Luna Lovegood, but still, not a whole lot really happens. Three out of five pundigrions.


I lost a game of Facebook Scrabble. One out of five pundigrions.


I drove from London to Edinburgh without dying or going insane. I didn't even smell that bad at the end of it. Three out of five pundigrions, with one bonus pundigrion awarded for having driven through a town called 'Burnmouth'.


I did my Time Out-listed improv show and it went gangbusters. I even made £30! Five out of five pundigrions.


My (small) room in Edinburgh is now filled with (a) all my belongings from London, (b) all my still-to-be-unpacked belongings from Montreal, and (c) all my belongings from my childhood that were already in there. I can barely move, even after an entire afternoon of sorting and cleaning. One out of five pundigrions.


It's dinner time: home-made pesto. Twenty gazillion out of five pundigrions.


Anonymous said...

Dude make SURE to catch the Walsh Bros! They rule!


Tell all your friends!

Andrew said...

Yeah, they're on at my venue so I was going to try and catch them, anyway. Would you like me to steal a jockstrap from their dressing room or something?

Kevin said...

Nice post 4.5 out of 5 mushrooms

Anonymous said...

I give your ratings system a square root and King Casey a wedgie.

Consider my Facebook Scrabble gauntlet thrown at your feet!

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