July 29, 2007

Clinton:Marx::Romney:A Person Who Is Not An Idiot

From BostonHerald.com: Mitt blasts Dems in N.H.: Likens Clinton's views to those of Marx
NASUHA, N.H. - Ahead in New Hampshire polls, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has turned his sights away from his GOP rivals and onto Democratic front-runners … comparing Sen. Hillary Clinton to communist Karl Marx…

“She said we have been an ‘on-your-own society’ and she says we need to replace that with shared responsibility and ‘working together society.’ That’s out with Adam Smith and in with Karl Marx.”
Oh, yeah, Hillary freakin' Clinton is a real stranger to Adam Smith, with her $30 million campaign budget. And Karl Marx?! Quite apart from the fact that Hillary Clinton is about as much of a Marxist as she is a Pop Tart, is American political debate really still at the level where brutishly insinuating that someone might be a communist is a valid tactic? Really? I guess Good Night and Good Luck still hasn't come through on Romney's Netflix.

It gets better though. Romney continued:
“She wouldn’t be elected president of France today, never mind the United States."
Yikes! Not only is she a communist, but she's a communist that even those socialist ignoramuses in France can see through! Let's pour her down the drain, like so much fine champagne.

Romney's wrath burned the other Democratic frontrunners, too, with Obama getting a severe dressing-down for advocating sex education in kindergarten (sort of) and Edwards drawing criticism for his comments about Iraq:
“He said there’s not a war on terror. It’s just a Bush bumper sticker. Tell it to the people in New York and Washington, D.C.”
The people in New York… You mean, the people who… Voted something like 80% Democrat at the midterms?

Pssst! I think they already know!

I must say, I haven't really paid much attention to Romney so far, but now I'm forced to ask: who the hell is this douchebag?

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