June 28, 2007

I Don't Want To Alarm Anyone, But...

I think the universe is beginning to revert back to an earlier state of existence, circa 1995. Consider: Tony Blair is not the Prime Minister of Britain; Paris Hilton does not appear anywhere in US Weekly magazine; The Spice Girls are going on tour. It's beginning to get creepy.

If we're not careful, we might find ourselves flung backwards through spacetime into the mid-Nineties. Plaid shirts will be everywhere! The Republicans will control Congress!! We'll all have to start watching Friends again!!! BLOGS WILL CEASE TO EXIST!!!!!

People, I urge you, we must take action to prevent such a catastrophe! Go, now, and destroy all of your Nirvana albums and DS9 tapes! Burn your Magic: The Gathering cards! Delete all copies of Netscape from your hard drive! The more we annihilate of the mid-Nineties now, the better our chances of remaining safely in the 21st Century! Life as we know it depends on you!!!


Does anybody appreciate the fact that the only cultural references I can think of from the mid-Nineties are Star Trek, Magic, and Netscape? I was a pretty lonely kid.


Anonymous said...

I'm re-watching DS9, it holds up.

Andrew said...

Laughing is happening out loud.

Okay, good call. Burn your Babylon 5 tapes instead.

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