June 02, 2007

Family Circus

I've been quietly enjoying the vicarious fame of my dad's media circus (his paper's up to about 470 hits on Google since the press embargo ended on Monday, which is a drop in the ocean compared to, say, the amount that's been written about Rosie O'Donnell leaving The View, but more than has ever been written about me, so I'm impressed). My absolute favourite quote about him so far was in the proof for a newspaper article (the line, I was horrified to see, was cut from the published version):
Professor Ladd, who is not a scientist, first had his hunch that the genes were related to tonal languages, after reading an article in the magazine New Scientist.
See! Linguistics really isn't a science!

Mostly though, I've been heartened at the positive response to his media-savvy set of caveats about what his research doesn't show. (And even more heartened that he put together such a set of caveats to begin with, considering this essay I wrote three years ago!)

By the way, somebody at work last week pronounced the word 'caveat' as 'cave-eat'. What the hell?

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