May 06, 2007

Europe Goes Crazy

It's been a long, strange week in European politics.

And kind of interesting, I promise.

So, first of all, Scotland had an election. Let me run it down for you in bullet points ("ballot points", surely?):

•100,000 "spoilt" ballots, including 10,000 in Glasgow alone. Officials have re-named the city "Scotland's Florida" in it's eighty-millionth attempt-to-make-people-forget-it's-the-knife-crime-capital-of-Europe rebranding this month.

•Record gains for the Scottish Nationalist Party, who now hold a narrow one-seat lead over Labour but who are also, mercifully, well short of the sixty-five they'd need to form a majority government and push through their referendum on Scottish independence.

(Note to Canadian readers: independence for Scotland is a good idea in the same way that independence for Quebec is a good idea.)

Also, I don't mean to be condescending, and if someone could present me with some well-reasoned plans about how Scottish independence would practically work, I would gladly read said plans over a pint of Tennants. But the four reasons, from the SNP's website, why being governed from Westminster is bad:

1. Scotland has high poverty (I admit this is a problem but fail to see how it is Westminster's fault).

2. Scotland has low economic growth and a declining population (welcome to the developed world, baby!).

3. Dangerous nuclear weapons are stored in Scotland (this is a problem, but independence is hardly the solution).

4. We were dragged into an illegal war in Iraq (wow, I have just stopped listening to you).

•Sorry, that last one was kind of a long bullet point, eh?

Elsewhere, the French also elected a loopy nationalist nutbag, and have already tear-gassed a bunch of protesters. Way to go, France!

Oh, and T-Bone Blairdog announced that, later this week, he will announce plans to announce the announcement of the announcing of his resignation, or something like that. Evidently, having a relatively sane and competent Prime Minister is totally déclassé these days.


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