May 22, 2007

And Now That The Chickens Have Hatched...

From plethoric pundigrions: Humbuggery (March 26, 2007)
And, no, I have still not joined Facebook. I have to say, one of the nice things about not being a student this year has been not having to answer that question several times a day.
Today at work:

Co-worker 1: Hey, have you guys heard of Facebook?

Co-worker 2: Oh, yeah. Though I prefer MySpace.

Me: Khaaaaaaaaaan!


Ethical dilemma: if you see somebody drop their packet of cigarettes on the street, should you (a) stop them and return the cigarettes, knowing full well how much they must have paid for them, or (b) say nothing, knowing full well how damaging cigarettes are to their health?


And now for the part of my post where I explain an earlier pop culture reference for my bewildered readers.

"Khaaaaaan!" was famously screamed by William Shatner during the thrilling final act of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. It is often used by parodists wishing to convey a sense of desperation or anger. In the above dialogue, it could be most accurately translated thus:

Me: Oh, fiddlesticks, yet another of my ivory towers stands penetrated by hordes of intractable netizens.


I will be performing in my first ever non-university improv show next week! Hooray for tiny steps towards real world legitimation of my hobbies!

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Anonymous said...

Have a good show!

Oh, and join Facebook. :)

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