April 21, 2007

Time Out

Man, does anybody else find it intensely depressing that The Simpsons turned twenty years old last week?

Other cultural milestones that will make you feel old (apologies if you've heard some of these before, I continue to be flabbergasted by most of them):

1. The original Austin Powers movie (not to mention Men In Black and Titanic) were all released ten years ago.

2. The original Bondi Blue iMac will turn ten next year; the first consumer-marketed digital cameras do so this year.

3. OK Computer (plus debuts from Blur and Portishead) were also released ten years ago; Dr Dre's seminal The Chronic, a whopping fifteen!

4. Media circuses of days past: Monicagate and Princess Di's death (both 10 years ago); the OJ Simpson trial (12 years ago); President Bush Sr barfing all over the Japanese Prime Minister (15 years ago).

5. And, honestly, this one really bowls me over: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was published ten years ago in June.


Inchworm said...

Don't you mean, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone ?

Anonymous said...

The first public event I remember, the Charles-Diana wedding, happened 26 years ago, if that makes you feel any better.


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