April 14, 2007

I May Not Know Much About Art, But…

Some of you may have heard of artist Marco Evarissti when he exhibited, a few years ago, a blender with live goldfish swimming in it that, by the end of the exhibition, were made decidedly less live via a fairly obvious and inhumane method. His latest show puts even gingerbread Nazi guy to shame.

From the Santiago Times:
Another controversial piece consists of six fake faeces covered in gold taken from the teeth of Jewish holocaust victims.
But if you think using Holocaust victims' teeth to make turds is bad, wait until you hear about this doozy (from Evarissta's website):
The photo 'Trinity' show[s] the artist himself, half-naked and thereby revealing his religious background with the star of David and the word 'jude' tattoed on his breast. Standing in a Christlike position he is getting a blow-job [from] an arabic woman, naked except for her veil. The photo unites three religions in one.
Unites them against Evarissti, presumably.

Seriously, no matter how many times I read the description of that photo, I just can't help but laugh at how gratuitously, absurdly offensive it is. It's more like a caricature of art – it's what Trey Parker and Matt Stone would have an artist on South Park do if they were trying to satirise how ridiculous 'shock' art is (schlock art, more like).


Has someone linked to this on Sillytech before, or something? I'm getting some deja vu about it.

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Is the photo called "The Aristocrats"?


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