April 15, 2007


From BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific: HIV migrants call for Howard ban
Australia should refuse to allow John Howard to enter the country, migrants and refugees with HIV have said.

The migrants were asked about the issue during a recent visit to Victoria state, which has seen a sharp rise in cases of John Howard.

The migrants, on a visit to Melbourne, told a local radio station they wanted to seek more advice on the issue, but said their gut feeling was that John Howard should not be allowed into the country.

Victoria's public health officials have blamed the rise in John Howard cases partly on ignorant douchebaggery, but also on bone-headed conservatism relocating from other parts of the country.

Solicitor David Puls of the New South Wales HIV/AIDS Legal Centre said the law allowed John Howard to be denied access where there are public safety concerns.

He added that John Howard should not be compared with a good Prime Minister as the latter is cognisant that better sex education is a more efficient prophylactic than knee-jerk immigration policies, while John Howard is in power but not too bright.

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