March 31, 2007

Tell Me More, Tell Me More

From Newsvine: Japan Prepares for Wave of Retirements

Really? Are you sure it's not a retirement TSUNAMI?!

Wa wa.

In other news:
Greek authorities have cancelled all team sports matches for two weeks after a mass brawl between rival women's volleyball fans left one man dead…

The authorities have long tried to eradicate the violence that is endemic in Greek sport, correspondents say.

Hooliganism mainly affects football and basketball but also breaks out occasionally at other sports such as volleyball and water polo.
I'm beginning to question whether or not Greece was really the right choice for the seat of Western civilisation. I mean, if you can't even stay genial at a water polo match, how civilised can you really be? And don't even get me started on the whole togas/pederasty/lightning thing.

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