March 25, 2007


So, for those few of you who hadn't already heard, either from me direct or from Adrienne's blog (I can't actually believe I was scooped on details of my own life), I shall be moving back to Boston in September. I put down my tuition deposit yesterday, towards a Master of Fine Arts program in Creative Writing at the old alma mater, Emerson College.

I am really excited to be going back and enthusiastic about the program, but I have to admit that the decision wasn't as black and white as I thought it would be. Though the nine-to-five job and constant early rising have me feeling worn to shreds by the end of the week, I've actually grown surprisingly fond of my London life. Part of me feels like I'm cutting it unfairly short. The capoeira group I've joined here is a really lovely, warm group of individuals, and I'm learning a lot and getting in better shape than I've ever been in my life; the people at work are lots of fun; and living with Dan is, well, excellent.


An aside:

[It is 9:30am on Sunday morning. I am in bed, but only half asleep. My mouth tastes like the drip tray on a beer tap, and my insides feel like they have liquefied. All of a sudden, the door bursts open and Dan, dressed only his boxers, falls into my bed next to me.]

Dan: Hey, dude, you remember how you said I would thank you in the morning for not letting me call that girl?

Me: Erm… Whurf?

Dan: Well, you were right.

Me: Why are you… Why are you in my bed?

Dan: Thanks, man.

Me: Get me some water.


So, yeah, I'm sorry to be leaving, because in a lot of ways I feel like I'm just beginning to get settled here. But the program at Emerson is perfect for me, and to be honest I was never really ready to leave Boston, either – so I think it's the right choice.

I shall not, however, be renaming my blog again.

Thus ends my boring personal update. Back to acerbic satire tomorrow.


Unknown said...

And living with me is going to be such a drag, eh? Well, despite Dan's fabulousness and my lack of masculine features, at least I clean the bathroom. I can drunkenly thank you for good advice too ya know. (I don't know if I can actually compete with you Dan. You're pretty damn awesome.)

Andrew said...

I'm sorry, Mandrienne, did you say lack of masculine features? (ZING!) Or is that what you meant when you said living with you would be a drag? (DOUBLE ZING!)

And, uh, please, if you're planning to crawl into my bed drunk and in your underwear, I don't think my blog is the best forum for announcing it.

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