March 26, 2007


One of the highlights (sic) of my job is the time of the month when the fantastically insightful journalistic behemoth that is Bloomberg Markets lands on my desk. If you've ever needed complex economic arguments boiled down into a graph in the shape of a Starbucks mug, Bloomberg Markets is the magazine for you. It's sort of like Newsweek, only dumbed down.

This month they've got an article about Web 2.0, including this great detail about Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg:
On his Facebook page, he lists his interests as revolutions and "eliminating desire for all that really doesn't matter."
HA! Yeah, you're doing a stand-up job on that last point – just ask all those people who can't go twenty minutes without checking their Facebook profile to see if anybody new has befriended them.

And, no, I have still not joined Facebook. I have to say, one of the nice things about not being a student this year has been not having to answer that question several times a day.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm late for Cranky Old Man Club.

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