March 11, 2007

Deja Who?

In honour of my dad's sixtieth birthday, we threw a Forties and Fifties themed party last night. I, naturally, dressed like this:

And, as if forever cursed, had the following conversation with my brother:
Marco: Who are you supposed to be?

Me: Um, The Fonz?

Marco: Who?

Me: You know, the Fonz, Fonzie, Happy Days – all that?

Marco: Sorry.

Me: Not as sorry as I am.
There's really only one thing you can say in a situation like this.



Unknown said...

Where'd you get the jacket? Looking appropriately greasy, by the way. Awesome!

Andrew said...

The jacket came from a vintage store in Edinburgh, hastily bought for fairly cheap the morning of the party. Actually, though, my favourite part of the costume you can't see in this picture - it's this giant silver belt buckle with a dragon carved into it that used to belong to my mum.

And, yes, very greasy. I had to wash my hair twice and it still feels kind of sticky. The Fifties were gross.

Anonymous said...

wow! As i was looking at your hansom picture there my memory just flashed to this dream sequence that i had last night. We were watching you on a stage somewhere and a guy in the audience beside me said to his girldfriend that you were good looking.

what do you think that means?!


Anonymous said...

shit i spelled hansom wrong...and girldfriend.


(same as above)

Andrew said...

Maryam: I think it means you have lame dreams.

Also, 'hansom' is the correct spelling if you're trying to say I look like a horse-drawn carriage.

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