March 06, 2007

Campaign Against Listlessness

• Has anyone else noticed the interesting cognitive shift in the fact that auxiliary iPod battery packs are now sold as "Emergency iPod Battery Packs"? What exactly is an iPod emergency, anyway? Is there some hidden defibrillator function of which I'm unaware?

• I must say, I find these new restrictions on liquids in your carry-on luggage to be the most odious addition to commercial air travel since RyanAir. Show me a terrorist who can take control of a plane using breast milk, and I will show you a blogger with dignity.

• If you buy Lily Allen's album because you read a review of it in Maxim, does that make you more or less girly?

• Which of these headlines is more gratuitously tasteless? MSNBC/The National Enquirer's Is Britney the New Anna Nicole?, or GQ's Dying to Come Out: The War on Gays In Iraq?

• Montreal was fantastic. A warm and hearty thank you to all of you reading who accommodated, fed and entertained me, and otherwise contributed to the best eleven days of my year, so far. It's nice to have peeps.

• If Steve McQueen had to give a PowerPoint presentation, do you think he would include Bullitt points?

• I need sleeeeeeeeep.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my god my friend and i were just kidding that if her mini died she'd have a panic attack so i guess yes 'emergency' might be appropriate for her.

My ipod keep dying out buy i did a msn live search and found
a brand new iPod Battery from which goes inside the ipod and i don't have to lug it around like i have room anyways to do that! lol

bye now - love the blog

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