February 19, 2007

This Is Not A Teste

From The New York Times: With One Word, Children’s Book Sets Off Uproar
The word “scrotum” does not often appear in polite conversation. Or children’s literature, for that matter.

Yet there it is on the first page of “The Higher Power of Lucky,” by Susan Patron, this year’s winner of the Newbery Medal, the most prestigious award in children’s literature…

The inclusion of the word has shocked some school librarians, who have pledged to ban the book from elementary schools, and reopened the debate over what constitutes acceptable content in children’s books.
Okay, don't worry, I'm sure the author can just say something normal and reassure all the worried parents that she's not the creepy sex fiend they think she is.
“The word is just so delicious,” Ms. Patron said.
Lady, you are really not doing yourself any favours.

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