February 03, 2007

Out On a Limb

Was shopping for jeans with my brother today, and saw this innovative new product design at Next:

That's right! I don't want any of your cheap imitation perpendicular leg jeans! Man those things are uncomfortable.


Miss Anthropy said...

Andrew. Derek and I have been reading your "blog". And we have noticed that you need help. Our help specifically. We're coming to find you. To find you and help you. Prepare to be found and helped. It could happen now, it could happen in a few months, but it will happen. We're coming to teach you how to keep it real. Because this "blog", Andrew, it's not keeping it real is it? It's not exactly street, it doesn't really have its two feet on the ground. But it will, and if violence is the only answer, then so be it. Until then, please refrain from taking pictures of trousers in shops and posting them on your "blog". That's a sign of something profoundly wrong...

Anonymous said...

Andrew, I think you could have avoided the comment above simply by spelling it "bruthah".

Andrew said...

I'll say it's a sign of something wrong-- will you look at that grainy image quality? Stupid camera phones.

Becca, the only thing I have to say to people who accuse my blog of not being cool is: why do you keep reading it, then?

Actually, I have another thing I frequently say to critics: if it's so uncool, how come most of the girls to whom I give the address end up wanting to sleep with me. Take Mariana, for instance. All I need to do is turn up at hers with a leopard print man thong and a Stephen Colbert mask, and she will gladly hop in the sack.

Also, come on, you're letting Derek dictate what is cool to you? That guy wouldn't know cool if it jumped up and smacked him on his adorably unshaven chin.

Anonymous said...

Andrew you promised to never mention that night again!

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