February 28, 2007

Neophilia Gone Mad

Okay, so when I first started at McGill, they had just opened a new student residence building. Its creation had been a fairly rushed affair and they hadn't managed to come up with a suitably sycophantic official name for it by the start of term (eg. "Trudeau Hall", "Molson's Big Penis Building", etc.), so it was affectionately and haphazardly dubbed "New Rez" by the student body.

Well, the name stuck, and I suppose nobody had made a big enough donation to warrant a dedication, so the university officially unveiled a sign outside that identified the building simply as "New Residence Hall".

Okay, so fair enough, we'll give them that one, it's kind of charming. But I noticed yesterday that the recently opened music building has been signposted as "New Music Building", which I think is really beginning to take the piss.

I mean, don't they realise that they're going to continue needing new buildings as the university expands further? They can't just keep slapping the word "new" in front of everything and hope for navigational clarity. Don't they have ANY imagination? It's not like Montreal has any shortage of musicians after which the building could be named, or even McGill Alums. What about "Leonard Cohen Music Building"? "Steven Pinker Music Building"? "Creepy, Illegal LSD Experiments Music Building"? "Arcade Fire Music Building"? Even "Molson's Big Penis Music Building" would be a start.

I'll tell you this much, the alumni association is getting nothing from me this year.

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