February 08, 2007

More From the Annals of SNOW CHAOS!

Don't worry, I'm not planning to dwell on how ridiculously people take the snow here every time we get some winter weather – but this time I really couldn't resist. From BBC Wales and BBC UK:
Sennybridge in the Beacons was one of the worst places hit with 7cm (3in) of snow falling and overnight temperatures plummeted to -4C (25F) . . .

People who must travel are advised to take warm clothes, food, water, a torch and a spade.
Amnesty International was quick to condemn the government's advice, pointing out that slavery was abolished hundreds of years ago and that most people are perfectly capable of digging themselves out of a little snow with a good shovel.
Leader of the Commons Jack Straw admitted the UK coped badly with snow . . .

He said: "It is extremely important we upgrade our efforts all the time to defy the weather which after all, notwithstanding a day's snow, is much more moderate than many other countries who frankly are able to cope a bit better."
Straw concluded by smacking his fist in his hand and shouting ebulliently: "We're going to buy some salt, people!"

Montreal in two weeks!

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Anonymous said...

You're going to Montreal in 2 weeks?

That's... end of February.

For how long?

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