February 22, 2007

Highly Offensive

From Newsvine: Wyo. Worries About Attracting Offenders
CHEYENNE, WYO. — Wyoming, with its wide-open spaces and crisp, clear vistas, is starting to worry it has made itself too attractive in one respect: Convicted sex offenders from out of state are moving in, apparently because the laws are less restrictive.
Okay, get, ready, this story contains a triple whammy of double entendres (eat it, Gil!):
"We don't want to become the playground for sex offenders," Attorney General Pat Crank said.
Or provide them with any playgrounds at all. BLAM!
The word is out among ex-convicts that Wyoming has some of the nation's loosest restrictions on sex offenders
Or the loosest something, anyway. ZOWIE!
Some out-of-state sex offenders might be moving to Wyoming because the oil and gas boom has created lots of jobs.
You know, manual jobs. KAPOW!

To combat the influx of sex offenders, some politicians are attempting to enact stricter laws. Their efforts, however, are meeting with some opposition.
The few lawmakers who oppose some of the bills warn that the measures could backfire by driving sex offenders underground, making it harder for them to go straight, and swamping the registry with hundreds more names . . .

"I don't want to dilute the effect of the sex offender list" by including, for example, someone convicted of statutory rape along with child molesters, said Republican state Sen. Bruce Burns.
Oh, yeah, you wouldn't want to get people who have sex with minors mixed up with child molesters. That would be a disaster. Christ, what does he think statutory rape is? Non-consensual sex with a statue?

Also, interesting factoid from this story: Wyoming is home to the King of Pathos.
Wyoming also lacks a standardized system for accepting convictions from other states. That means authorities must obtain court papers on each sex offender before determining the corresponding Wyoming crime and deciding whether that person must register. That can cause long delays, because only one person is in charge of such efforts.

"It becomes daunting," said that person, Bob Brackett, program manager for the Wyoming sex offender registry.
Okay, I am late for work. Montreal TOMORROW!

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Anonymous said...

Statutory rape can be 'consenting' sex with someone who isn't old enough to consent (see any number of recent stories about women teachers getting charged for sleeping with a 15 yr old student).

It's what Randle Patrick McMurphy was in jail for originally in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

Doesn't mean they're nice people, but is it really worth police time watching them?

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